About our Substitute Staff cover:

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  • Cover Substitute Staff for the following

    Sickness / Accident / Family Medical Leave / Bereavement / Jury / Military / Personal Days / Child Bearing and Child Rearing / Class Coverage from first $ / ASBO Conference Attendance.

    Other Risk Management Benefits include Travel Funding and Low Claims Rebate

  • Product Introduction

    Substitute Staff Insurance is designed to provide School Districts with budget certainty and risk transfer when Substitute Staff are employed to cover absent permanent staff who are absent for coverage offered.

    School Districts have the Option of 2 types of policies.

    Option 1 - Elimination Days apply per claim
    Option 2 - Elimination Days selected by School Districts for a year

    The Insurance policy smooths out fluctuations to enable the School District to budget more efficiently while also protecting the downside of a particularly bad year due to staff absence. The policy offers $ per day reimbursement ($80 - $175 per day after policy elimination period) when the School District is paying Sick Days for absent employees


  • Substitute Staff policy benefits

    Accidental bodily injury, illness, resulting in absence from work

    1. Up to USD 175 daily benefit
    2. Paternity and Adoption coverage
    3. Jury Service Benefit
    4. Care for others
    5. Stress cover
    6. Child Rearing
    7. Maternity and Child Rearing
    8. Excess day options
    9. No exclusion option
    10. All staff member cover
    11. Light Duties Return
    12. Claim Benefits and Waiting Period
    13. Variable depending on School District needs
    14. Class coverage from the first $
  • The strongest technology

    Over the last 15 years due to the niche nature of this product we have developed and refined internal and external administration, claims and sales processes. This result has been a state of the art bespoke Management Information System that is Windows Enabled and runs on a Web platform so that every client has their own intranet site accessed via our main website. All clients are given log in details at the inception of a policy with ability to change for their own requirements. Data Protection is treated as highest priority and appropriate encryption software utilised.

    Main Server is also supported by offsite Server for both IT performance and disaster recovery planning. At present Cloud Based storage is being tested. The system is designed to be User/Client driven and totally paperless. (We will process via helpline and accept paper if the client wishes to use this method) At present 82% of our Sales are performed via Web Communication and Email. 91% of all Claims are done via the Website.

  • Unparalleled market insight

    With 15 years Underwriting and Claims Data that now covers over 100,000 School Employees, the patterns of Data and Underwriting Performance have developed the AIS Underwriting model. Patent Pending in the USA.