Budget Certainty for Schools - Absence Insurance Services

1 in 8 schools across the UK trust us to provide them with their staff absence and maternity insurance. We are the largest provider of staff absence and maternity insurance, working with over 3,500 schools nationwide.

Budget Sheild - Protecting the budget & caring for staff

Absence Insurance Services, is pleased to announce the launch of “Budget Shield”. This new insurance product protects school districts against the costs incurred from sickness, accident and other absences due to family medical leave, bereavement, personal days, jury duty, and military service. But that’s not all. It also supports staff members with a comprehensive employee assistance program.

What does this mean for School Districts...

It means budget certainty and risk transfer:

  • Dealing with staff absence and sickness no longer needs to be a gamble
  • Smoothes out fluctuations in staff costs
  • Enables school districts to budget more efficiently
  • Protects against rising substitute staff costs

What does this mean for Staff...

It means the care and suppport of an assistance program and access to services 24/7 via a toll-free helpline number.

  • Assessment and referral for personal and family problems
  • Short-term counseling, management consultation and educational workshops
  • Legal and financial referrals
  • Family resource service for child and elder care services